It is impossible to provide internet based detailed tax planning information, for the simple reason that this discipline is case specific and thus client specific. If you still want to take the risk of mis-informing yourself on your search for information and answers, then continue surfing the internet and good luck.

We value our expert advise because we respect the needs of people like you. Never will we ever belittle your issues by assuming that a generic discussion on the internet of a subject matter will provide adequate answers.

For that reason alone, we refer you the IRS website listed below, where you can obtain all manner of actual documents related to any tax subject matter. However, for a more direct result, we offer you our initial consultation service by telephone.

Internal Revenue Service

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This website is for information purposes only. It is not intended to create an Attorney/Client Relationship. The information provided is NOT intended to be a complete dissertation on the subject matter. You are advised to seek individual professional consultation and advice on any and all matters covered herein as they apply to your personal situation.
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